All the World’s a Stage

Ways of Seeing 2013

“All the World’s a Stage” visually explores the meaning of the image in a world of constant retinal input. It questions and propagates the creation of today’s apparent or staged realities within mass media and politics.

It reveals mythical truths and unveils true illusions by deconstructing and reconstructing realities that we often take as given.

Close your eyes and you’ll see.

The short film shows how everything around us -from movies to ads, from literature to politics- is immersed in staged reality, everything being designed and presented to seduce.

It draws parallels and comparisons between John Berger’s Ways of Seeing and the visual overload of today’s mass media, showing how actual and accurate the 1972 documentary series still is.

All The World’s a Stage­­­­­ – Ways of Seeing 2013 is a tribute to and narrated by John Berger.

Date 2013 (Graduation Work)
appropriation art, experimental film, artwork
John Berger, Ways of Seeing, BBC (1972)
In distribution

• Classic Video Art, Museum Hilversum [NL]
• Impakt Channel, [NL]
• De School, Amsterdam [NL]

• Uppsala International Short Film Festival [SE]
• For Preview Only Event by Jonas Lund @ LIMA [NL]
• SHIFT Film Festival, Maastricht [NL]

• IMA READ THAT BITCH, Small projects, Tromsø, Norway
• Kunstenaarsbal, Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam
• Hoogmoed, Geert Groote Expositie, Deventer
• Shift Festival, Maastricht

• Festival international Signes de Nuit, Paris, Saarbrücken
• Wired Next Cinema as part of the Rome Film Festival, Rome
• Group Exhibition, Biennale Gelderland, Nijmegen
• IMPAKT Festival, Utrecht
• Milano Film Festival, Milan, Italy
• International Short Film Festival Oberhausen
• VIDEOEX Experimentalfilm & Video Festival Zurich, CH
• Chaumont Graphic Design Festival, France
• Rabbit Hole, Galeria Zé dos Bois, Lissabon
• Go Short! Short Film Festival Nijmegen
• Group exhibition, Oh My God, Museum Hilversum
• International Film Festival Rotterdam (World Premiere)

• Group exhibition, Fancied Truth, SIGN, Groningen
• Graduation show, Design department Sandberg Instituut