Donna Verheijden is a multidisciplinary maker, researcher, and educator, with a strong focus on video art. Her work combines remix, collage, and found footage, and often incorporates digital heritage material and online video content to create new narratives. As a maker, Donna explores the boundaries of art, technology, and storytelling, constantly experimenting with new techniques and  imagemaking. As a researcher, she is particularly interested in the ways in which moving image is changing the way we create and consume media.

Donna has collaborated with cultural institutions such as Beeld en Geluid, Het Nieuwe Instituut, and LIMA, working on projects that explore the role of media in our lives. Together with Bram van Leeuwenstein, she is a co-founder of 171project.space, a project space showcasing work of multidisciplinary makers.

Outside of work, Donna enjoys listening to music and exploring the outdoors, and she believes that art and nature have the power to transform us.


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